Woman in autumn themed photoThe leaves of trees in Utah have already changed colors; fall is here, and fall fashion is in once again. It’s time to break out those maple, orange, and brown hues, with crisp jackets to protect you from the sudden chill. It’s time to prepare your wardrobe and makeup–your entire life, honestly–for the fall aesthetic.

Pop of Color

You don’t need a full face of makeup to show your love for fall. Sometimes all it takes is the perfect highlighter to give your face that wondrous effect. Highlighting is perhaps the most trendy makeup routine right now, and if you’re taking professional esthetician certification classes in Utah, you’ll encounter different and colorful ways of highlighting the face to get that dramatic and ethereal effect in photos. Props if you’re using this season’s most talked about highlighter–Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line sure has got you covered.

Highlights and Lowlights

It seems like every season there’s a new hair color to die for, and things get particularly interesting this fall because of the depth that shades of red and brown can give to your hair. Rose gold is still in, as well as salmon and other subtle shades of pink with a base of brown or blonde. Cinnamon and caramel shades are also good choices, and platinum highlights are perfect for those with blonde hair. What’s great about highlights and lowlights is your hair’s base color can give a unique look, assuring that no two persons have the same hair color.

All Put Together

Of course, your hair and makeup have to go with your full outfit. It’s time to layer your favorite tops with leggings as the season gets chilly. You still get to wear your favorite crop tops, trading your skirts for some athleisure tights and vintage cut-off jeans. Experimenting with coat lengths is also in, with Pinterest inspirations giving you plenty of ideas for your everyday looks.

It’s fun to experiment with your style, and fall is the perfect season to go all-out with the trends. Give yourself a fall makeover now.