Patient having her tooth extractedThere are various reasons that call for wisdom teeth extraction. The most common is having impacted wisdom teeth. Others could be that you have cavities or that there isn’t enough room to allow your wisdom tooth to come through. This could lead to either unnecessary discomfort or pain. There are a few ways that you could prepare for successful extraction. Here are some.

Stick to a Light Diet

“If you opt for anesthesia,” shares a wisdom teeth expert in West Jordan, “you should have an empty stomach. Failing to do so might cause complications, such as pneumonia.” Avoid eating or drinking at least six hours before the procedure. In case of prescription medications that you must take, ask your dentist as well as your primary physician for appropriate guidance.

Pre-Surgical Prep

Preparation for the surgery should begin with making sure your mouth is clean. Brush for an extra two minutes a day before the sessions and also floss and rinse with mouthwash. This should protect you from possible infection. Also, wear comfortable clothing during your appointment. Have someone accompany you for assistance and support. You will not be in the right condition to drive after the procedure.

Post-Surgery Care

Youoweyourselfthefavor of resting a little (and ice cream!) after removal of wisdom teeth. Clear your schedules promptly and make time for hours or days of rest. Perhaps you could catch up on your favorite TV shows or the latest movies. Additionally, make sure you have access to soft foods. You might not be able to go back to your regular diet right away.

Saying goodbye to your wisdom teeth is not as nasty as it may sound. Simply take the time to ensure that you are well prepared for your appointment. Good luck!