Broken roofTop quality and properly installed roofing can last a long time. Here is a list of the estimated lifespan of some of the most popular roofing systems:

  • Asphalt: 15-20 years
  • Metal: 20-40 years
  • Wood shingle and shake: 20-30 years
  • Tile and slate: 100 years

For most homeowners, the lifespan of a roof can be significantly shorter, depending on how much care it receives.

Here are reasons you might need to call reputable roofing companies in Houston such as Jaco Roofing to repair or replace your roofing system sooner.

Debris from Overhanging Tree Branches

Tree limbs, leaves, branches, pinecones and needles, etc. can all cause damage if they fall on your roof. It is not just the impact; it is also the dirt and water they trap. To avoid problems, trim the branches of trees that are close to your home, especially the branches that hang above your roof.


Animals can climb your roof. Cats, nesting birds, raccoons, bats, mice, rats, squirrels, woodpeckers, you name it; depending on where you live, these unwanted guests can climb or perch on your roof and call it home.

Apart from trimming tree branches that are close or touch your roof, trim hedges and shrubs, so animals have little to no cover.

Broken or Blocked Gutters

Blocked gutters can cause ice dams to form, soaking your roof until the water finds a way in. The roof can become more prone to damage if there is water on it all the time. Have your gutters cleared of debris two to four times a year, more if you live near a wooded area.

Water Damage

Apart from ice dams, water from rain and snow may also enter your roof if it does not undergo proper maintenance, causing water damage to the roof, ceilings, walls, and even the foundation of your home, which can be very expensive to repair. Proper and regular inspection can prevent water damage.

Note how different factors can cause damage to your roofing system, shortening its lifespan. Make sure to follow these tips to keep your roof in shape for a long time.