Locks of healthy hairYour hair is your crowning glory, which is why you need to take good care of it. A combination of good practices and professional help will ensure that you have beautiful and shiny hair every day.

These days, there are many advanced treatments you can take to restore healthy hair, one of which is stem cell hair regrowth. Whether or not you’ve gone through this procedure, here are three ways to maintain your healthy hair for longer.

Don’t wash your hair daily

Experts advise washing your hair only two to three times a week. No matter how much you want to have super clean hair, it’s better to cut back on the amount of washing you give your locks if you want to keep it healthy. Experts say that the natural oils in your hair protect it from the elements. Shampooing or washing your hair daily removes these vital oils.

Read the labels

If you read food labels, you should also read hair product labels. Unfortunately, many people don’t. New studies discovered the presence of sulfates in shampoos. While these are effective in getting rid of the dirt in your hair, researchers found that they could also remove the essential oils that naturally protect your hair from damage.

Moreover, they’re the reasons getting shampoo in your eyes stings a lot. Some people could be highly allergic to sulfates. If you prefer a no-tear formula and a shampoo that maintains natural oils in your hair, look for a sulfate-free option.

Give it the cold treatment

Warm or hot showers are amazing, but not for your hair. Hot water makes your locks brittle and dry. Why? Because just like the chemicals in your shampoo, it can strip the hair of its natural oils. If you still prefer a steamy shower, try to avoid using hot water on your locks. Wash and rinse with cold or room temperature water whenever you can.

There are many reasons for hair loss, which affects many people around the world. Give your locks some tender loving care by following these tips.