Dentist working on a childAs your child pursues sports, such as basketball, rugby or football, he or she may sustain an oral injury. In such times, you need to be ready and act immediately.

An experienced emergency dentist in Walsall shares a few reminders for parents whose child suffered from a dental injury.

First Aid First

When your child gets hit in the face, you must assess the situation first. If there is bleeding inside your child’s mouth, you must control the bleeding with gauze or any clean fabric. Afterwards, check if your child lost a tooth or several teeth. Whatever damage you find, call an emergency dentist to know what you should do next.

Least Urgent: Bumped Tooth

If your child sustains a bumped tooth, you still need to bring him or her to the dentist, but not immediately. Bumped teeth can heal over time, but there may be underlying issues you cannot see. A dentist can better assess the damage and address the problem further.

More Urgent: Fracture or Out of Position

When your child sustains a tooth fracture or a tooth was knocked-out of position, you need to call an emergency dentist immediately. Look for any broken pieces of the tooth; those pieces can still be bonded back to the tooth. As for a tooth knocked out of position, you have to keep the tooth clean and keep your child comfortable until you reach the dentist.

Most Urgent: Lost Teeth

In the case of an entirely knocked-out tooth, bring your child to the dentist right away. Before leaving, however, look for the tooth, as it may still be re-implanted. Hold it by its crown, and if it is a permanent tooth, try to put it back to your child’s mouth after washing it with clean water. Otherwise, keep it in a glass of cold milk and go to the dentist.

The fate of your child’s teeth depends on your prompt and proper response. With the guidelines above, you can be prepared to help your child should he or she sustains an oral injury.