Building Heating SystemPoor building maintenance results to the buildup of structural issues that otherwise might have been proactively solved. This, in turn, yields unnecessary and extravagant repair costs. If you are the custodian of a commercial building, it pays to commit to consistent structural checkup. For starters, these three areas must routinely be looked into.

Heating System

Poorly functioning heating systems are not only inefficient cost-wise. They are also considered as workplace safety hazards. For instance, leaks, overheating and compromised emergency shutoffs and relief valves could all contribute to radiator explosion. With this said, it is crucial that you prioritise your heating system when conducting a structural quality control inspection. Look into damage-prone heating components such as boilers/furnaces.

Ventilation System

The ventilation system is another structural component of buildings that requires constant checkup. The nature of ventilation-related defects and, consequently, ventilation maintenance, depends on your building’s structure. A building that is primarily made of wood could pose different ventilation-related issues compared to that made mainly from fibreglass. Concerns you should watch out for include air bypass leaks, condensation, ghosting, blocked intake vents, and suspect air movement, among others.


There are six typical concerns when it comes to air-conditioning: 1.) It does not switch on; 2.) Runs but does not cool; 3.) Extreme temperature; 4.) Water leaks; 5.) Strange noises; 6.) Does not switch off. All of these mean one thing—your air-conditioning system has been compromised. Although there are DIY methods to address these air-conditioning concerns, some malfunctions require an expert diagnosis and cure. A daily building temperature checkup is recommended to avoid buildup of faulty air-conditioning components.

When your heating, ventilation, or air-conditioning systems malfunction, the problems are never just contained within these areas. They usually affect other building components. While consistent checkup done by in-house custodians are helpful and proactive, working with a professional building repair and maintenance provider like M&E Maintenance Solutions Ltd in the UK won’t hurt either.