Woman in a Rehabilitation Session

What would you like to do?

Joseph Habedank remembers his band mates asking him this question since his drug addiction prevented him from joining them on tour.

Habedank was the lead singer of The Perrys, a Southern Gospel group that he was touring with a few years ago. He was already taking 10 to 12 pills each day when his band mates confronted him about his drug problem. He never thought of entering a drug addiction recovery center in Salt Lake City or any place at all.

Even though fame was at his doorstep, drugs became destructive enough to overpower Habedank’s mind. He told The Blaze that he fell in love with the feeling drugs gave him.

It Wasn’t Always This Way

Habedank grew up in a Christian home but grew up with a brother who was addicted to drugs. He told Billboard that he did not understand addiction and resented his brother and the disease.

Little did Habedank know that the same fate would happen to him. When he developed an ulcer in his throat, he started to use pain medication. The singer started to feel better through the medicine, but his dependence on drugs worsened.

The Road to Recovery

After the confrontation with The Perrys, Habedank resigned from the group (after ten years of performing with them) in 2013. He checked into a treatment facility the same year.

The rehabilitation wasn’t easy at all—after spending 30 days in the facility, the singer entered an outpatient program and attended 90 additional meetings. Nevertheless, Habedank is thankful. He said that it was a miracle for him to be here today and that his religion saved him.

It’s been a hard journey for the singer, but he now sees addiction as a disease of the mind. He adds that many Christians want to fight the fact that addiction is a disease, but now he knows now that it is. Haberdank further added that he learned a lot on how to relate with other addicts.

A year after checking himself into the treatment facility, Habedank released his first solo album. He shared his success with people he met all over the globe.

It’s Never Too Late

Joseph Habedank’s story shows that no matter how debilitating drug addiction can be, it is something anyone can completely overcome. If you or any loved one is undergoing drug addiction recovery in Salt Lake City, remember that you are not alone in this battle and help is available.