Master BedroomYour master bedroom may not be the room you spend most of your day, but it’s one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s the room where you start and end your day, which means that it needs to be as refreshing as it is relaxing.

And when it comes to creating that vibe you need, colours play a vital part. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect wall colour for your master bedroom. And remember, when it comes to painting jobs, it’s important to work with trusted painting services such as Gavin Chan Decorators LTD in New Zealand.

  1. Do you prefer light and airy? Or how about dark and cosy?

Some people feel more relaxed in a light and airy room, compared to a dark and cosy space. One way to find your preference is to stay in different rooms and see how the changes in colour make you feel. Notice how some hotel rooms have dark colour palettes? This is because many people feel more relaxed in rooms like these compared to ones that have light and airy colour palettes. But of course, it still depends on your personal preferences.

  1. How about some patterns? Or stick with solid hues?

When it comes to bedroom wall colours, you don’t have to stick with one. You can ask your interior designer (or simply get inspiration from the internet) to create a colour palette that you like and mix and match. You can even go for patterns instead of solid hues. Some prefer to work with stencils, sponges, and other textures that make the space more relaxing for them.

  1. Consider your favourite colours.

Shades of green and blue have always been known to have a relaxing effect on people because it reminds them of the beach or the tropics. But there are also people who feel more energised when they look at these particular shades. If shades of red and even grey calm you down, consider using them in the bedroom. The key is to find the colours that you like and which ones evoke the relaxing vibe that you need to encourage sleep.

Play with Colours

If you’re unsure of what to colour to paint your bedroom walls, consider taking a photo of your space and use a mobile app to see what colours work best for you. It’s simple, and it can save you some money and prevent you from painting your walls colours that you don’t like.