Real estate mortgage approved loan document with house keysMany people are reluctant to get a house with a mortgage. For them, renting is a safer option. But City Creek Mortgage suggests that some of our reservations about mortgage are just myths. In fact, there are many perks of buying a home with a mortgage.

If you’re planning to buy a real estate property in Utah, here are some tips on how to fasten your mortgage approval and get the best mortgage rate in Salt Lake City.

1. Let your credit score speak for itself.

When you say let the credit score speak, it should speak good things. Unlike in car title loans where your credit rating is not an issue, in your mortgage application, it can either be your shining beacon of hope or a red flag. Before you even apply for a mortgage loan, make sure you take the time to fix any issue such as low credit rating and especially credit fraud.

2. Make sure you have some cash.

If you think you can start buying a home without some cash, then think again. Apart from the fees you need to pay to your broker, inspection team, and other professionals involved in your home acquisition, some lenders require cash down payment, but the amount often depends on the loan type and the lending company. However, it’s for your own good. The higher the down payment you can make, the better it is for you. Think of it as an advanced mortgage payment for rainy days ahead.

3. Make sure you borrow what you can afford.

You might become tempted to borrow more than what you can afford. If you have other sources of income, this can be a good investment, but otherwise, don’t. That is why many homeowners should to talk to a lending company first and get a feel of how much they can borrow so they can better trim down their real estate options to the figures they can afford. If you’re buying a property that is way beyond your pay and lending grade, you might end not getting a mortgage.

Get Your Mortgage Approved Today!

Getting a mortgage today is easier than ever, but there are also some things you can do to get approval faster. Consider these if you’re buying a new property this year.