Close up shot of a happy woman with beautiful skinThe use of dermal fillers in cosmetic surgery has become increasingly common over the past few years. JUVÉDERM®, for instance, is a procedure that several women undergo to reduce saggy and hollow regions of the face. They prefer the method because of its minimally invasive nature.

Females who want to undergo the same treatment should know the basic details about JUVÉDERM®, a product offered by cosmetic surgery clinics in Utah such as Clarity Skin, as well as how it improves skin appearance.

What Is Juvederm?

JUVÉDERM® is a specialized hyaluronic gel, which is a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Since it is a natural component present in normal skin cells, JUVÉDERM® does not trigger an allergic reaction when injected into the skin. It also has a strong affinity to water, which enables an increase in the volume of the underlying skin layers. You also experience minimal post-surgical pain due to injection of local anesthetics to reduce sensation in the area.

How Does Juvederm Improve Your Skin?

Aging is a natural process that results in degeneration of the elastic fibers that support the skin. Hyaluronic acid also decreases as you age, leading to the reduced elasticity of the skin and greater likelihood of line and wrinkle formation on the face.

Injection of JUVÉDERM® significantly adds volume to the skin and augments different anatomical regions such as your lips and cheeks. You also get rid of redundant folds that cause line formation in the nose, chin, and under the eyes.

How Long Does the Effect of Juvederm Last?

Certain factors influence the duration of JUVÉDERM’s® effect on the skin, such as the injection site, the type of hyaluronic acid, and the surgical technique employed. These dermal fillers often make your skin look full for at least six to nine months from the injection. The effects last longer with each subsequent treatment.

The Bottom Line

JUVÉDERM® is the second most commonly performed minimally invasive procedure among females in the United States. Since it only has few post-operative side effects, JUVÉDERM® enhances your appearance without exposing you to surgical hazards. Hence, it is crucial to find a cosmetic surgeon who uses dermal fillers to manage skin problems.