man smilingHaving a smile that is always camera-ready is a great asset, especially in this era when selfies and photo sharing are all the rage. With these simple tips, you can achieve the kind of flashy smile cameras will find irresistible.

Take care of your teeth

Often, it takes a bit of preparation before you get your smile ready for the camera. Take the time to ensure your teeth are as white as possible. Your dentist should be able to recommend a suitable whitening agent for you. If your teeth are uneven, consider dental veneers, which is readily available in Aldridge. Veneers is an effective way to straighten your crooked teeth.

Be relaxed

A gentle, easy smile looks great on a photo. Your face should look natural and calm, with your mouth slightly open. An unnatural smile, on the other hand, will look weird in a picture, with your eyes squinted and your neck muscles tense.

Watch your posture

Your best smile position is with your head slightly turned, not when it is directly square with the camera. Avoid slouching or bending your head while taking a photo. If you do that, you’ll probably end up looking like you have a double chin when you smile.

Practise often

Like all good things, a perfect smile comes with practise.  Spend time striking different poses before your mirror to find out the ideal angle for your grin. Try to master how to strike a beautiful natural smile.

Choose a suitable lipstick

For ladies, identify a lipstick that works best with your skin tone. A good shade can brighten up your smile by making your teeth appear whiter and masking any stains in your teeth. Popular bets include red, pink and wine. 

A charming smile is one of your best bets in making your pictures appealing regardless of when or where you take them. Take simple steps to cultivate one, and you’ll be happy to share your photos with the world.