small slice of cucumber on a plate with an unhappy woman in the backgroundSome people desire to lose weight to look better, fit into their old jeans, or just improve their health and appearance. It is also likely that they may monitor their calorie intake, avoid fatty foods, and follow a regular exercise routine. The goals usually include having a slimmer figure, improving general health, and preventing diseases.

Moderate diet and exercise are mostly safe, so they should not be confused with eating disorders like anorexia. While those with the said disorder engage in dieting, their motivation is not connected to improving health, but to control issues, distorted body image, and other psychological factors. Even when the people they trust think that they are thin, they see themselves as fat.

Food Consumption

Individuals on a diet may cut back on their food consumption, but they will usually eat healthy choices like fruits and vegetables. Those with eating disorders, however, have different attitudes and behaviors. Anorexics, for instance, will not want to eat or become anxious about eating. Bulimics, meanwhile, eat but then purge later using laxatives or self-induced vomiting.

Physical Exercise

Dieters use exercise to lose weight or improve their muscle tone. People with eating disorders, on the other hand, may do it excessively to get rid of the calories they took. Some may exercise for several hours, which can result in fatigue and injury. Treatment centers for eating disorders note that they may continue to exercise when they feel tired or do so to avoid social gatherings.

Treatment Required

Eating disorders are serious psychological illnesses the need professional treatment. They are more than about just about a diet that has gone too far. Those with such disorders experiences extreme disturbances related to eating and exercise. Distortions in emotions and thoughts contribute to their development, as well as other biological, social, and psychological factors.

Early treatment is necessary to reduce the severity and duration of the illness. Just telling the person to change their behaviors are not enough, as sufferers need treatment for their psychological issues. This is to restore their health and improve their quality of life.