Person Using InvisalignImage matters. Whether you are trying to land a job, or just getting a date, it is important to look your absolute best. For adults, this means the right clothes or the right haircut, but when your teeth are mismatched, many people attempt to correct this as discreetly as possible.

But what do you do when the only correction available involves a network of metallic rods and wires crisscrossing in between your pearly whites? Lucky for you, those old images of braces no longer apply in the modern world.

Here are your options for teeth corrective procedures.

Go Invisible

If you are consulting with your orthodontist, they might suggest lingual braces. These are tricky mechanisms attached behind your teeth, putting any corrective procedure practically out of sight. But what are the disadvantages? Well, the first few weeks of adjustment will have you speak with a slight lisp.

It is also very sensitive which means you can say goodbye to crunchy foods like carrots. One more drawback is that this is quite possibly the most expensive treatment depending on how long you need it.

Almost Invisible

For a more affordable option, most people tend to go with plastic trays for teeth straightening. Every two weeks, the plates undergo replacement, gradually reaching the desired alignment. The most popular in this treatment is Invisalign.

Invisalign treatment costs vary with the length of the procedure. One big drawback most people find is that it requires almost absolute compliance. Missing just one adjustment can prolong the whole process, which may take up to a year.

Traditional Braces

This may not be the most discreet of the options, but it is a good and reliable one nevertheless. If your teeth require heavier adjustment and severe treatments, this one may be your only option. But should you choose braces, or if your teeth need it, you can say goodbye to looking good for at least a year.

Costs for this vary with treatment, procedure, and length.

If you need some adjustment for crooked teeth, it is best to consult with a dentist to find the best option that suits your case. With a little patience, you can smile for a better future.