Two men shaking hands Diplomacy has always played a crucial role in Singapore’s national defence policy. It establishes strong and friendly ties that make way for cooperation with other countries and international organisations. As such, it is a pillar of peace that enables the country to operate smoothly on the global stage.

If you are interested in military volunteering opportunities, remember that protecting the nation does not always entail the use of brute force and military tactics. Bilateral defence and regional and international security are also important.

A Strong Network of Bilateral Defence Relations

A strong network of bilateral relationships is important for any country regardless of its economic capability and military capacity. In the latter case, Singapore forges a defence relationship with a network of countries to establish security through a series of joint exercises and visits.

For instance, Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen met with U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis at the Pentagon early in April. The meeting put emphasis on the strong and long-standing bilateral defence relationship of Singapore and the United States. It also noted the progress made under a series of bilateral cooperation agreements.

Cooperation for Regional and International Security

Singapore takes part in multilateral discussions to address common security challenges that countries face. It participates in Asia-Pacific dialogues and multinational economic dialogues to establish its presence and practice its responsibilities in the international arena.

Within the Southeast Asian region, for example, ASEAN member states work together in practical cooperation to tackle the challenges that the geographical region faces — from regional economy to transnational security. They impart aspects of each member state’s niche to make up for each one’s areas for improvement, thus, standing as a strong region.

As a military volunteer, you will undergo training that the rest of the armed forces did. But it is not the only way to strengthen national security. Diplomacy, in the form of bilateral relations and multilateral discussions, also contributes to a stronger, more stable Singapore.