A Group of Stores Heat transfer and too much light are common problems among many businesses, particularly those in buildings built before the 90s when there were limited options when it came to window treatments and designs.

During the hot summer, sunrays may penetrate windows easily and cause all sorts of concerns, including higher indoor temperatures and damage to goods, furniture, floors, décor, rugs and carpets.

To address this problem, here are some suggestions:

Use window glass film

Perhaps one of the quickest and more affordable ways to minimise the amount of sunlight and heat in your place of business is to hire a professional to install architectural glass film or tint. Window film can reduce or eliminate the UV rays passing through the glass. There may still be some heat transfer, though. Some types of film are likewise good for added security, as they make glass extra difficult to break – a bonus for businesses.

Install blinds

Installing blinds is another quick way to resolve your concern with too much light and heat coming in. Motorised blinds are extra convenient, particularly if you need some big ones. Some companies manufacture bespoke blinds to fit all of your windows perfectly. After installing film, it is a good idea to add blinds. Even if you choose blinds that allow the maximum possible light in, they are still perfect for blocking vision to improve privacy or prevent distraction.

Use thick and dark curtains

Curtains are a nice touch, depending on what style you prefer. Not all offices would look great with curtains, though. Small boutique shops and restaurants are fine, but a supermarket or showroom probably won’t look good with curtains. Be sure to consult an interior designer regarding your options.

Install double glazing windows

This is perhaps the most effective way to control heat transfer. The best double glazing windows offer maximum protection. They likewise add more insulation so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work twice as hard. Such windows, however, especially if they are huge, are your most expensive option. They may also take quite a while to install. It is best to install them if you are just constructing or renovating your place of business.

These are some of the best suggestions you can find when it comes to dealing with light and heat transfer in your office or shop. Study each option carefully and decide which is best according to your preferences and budget.