HeliboardingIf there is anything that Alaska has an abundance of, it’s snow. If you’re looking for good ways to enjoy all cold expanse of whiteness, then look no further. Why not try heliboarding? Though it might be a bit pricey compared to your typical skiing experience, it offers more for the adventurous at heart.

Snow, All to Yourself – Well, not completely all to yourself, but you do get a much larger amount of snow to ride when you go on a heliboard tour in Alaska. It includes acres and acres of snow per person, and that’s not even the best part of it. The best part, especially if you are a seasoned snowboarder, is that most of that snow is waiting for someone to make a mark on it.

Awesome View – The view of Alaska is great in any phase of your heliboarding trip. From the time you are being lifted up to your snowboarding area to the moment you make your way down on your snowboard, you will see a breathtaking sight. Even if you’re not that good a snowboarder, being able to see all that is a treat in itself.

Peaceful Runs – As you can only board with a limited number of people, you can get a peaceful and hassle-free snowboarding experience. You don’t have to worry about someone else getting in the way. There are no annoying lines or people in line who can ruin your way to your snowboarding moment. It’s only you and the snow.

Aside from the therapeutic effects of the sights and feel of the Alaskan snow, heliboarding offers many benefits on the body. Why not exercise your muscles, while having fun?  If you’re looking to enjoy the full wonder of Alaska’s snow, then heliboarding is one of your best choices for your itinerary.