Woman Drinking a Sports DrinkThe argument regarding water vs. sports drinks when it comes to the best exercise drink involves several factors – and the most essential is proper hydration. Keep in mind that you lose more water through sweat whenever you’re exercising. In order to maintain a healthy body, ensure that you replace the water lost.

The question is would water be enough or do you need electrolyte sports drinks to rehydrate? Here’s what elytesport.com has to say about the argument:

The Importance of Fluid Replacement

Before tackling the advantages of sports drinks over water, it’s best to know the value of fluid replacement. The American College of Sports Medicine reveals that the average American loses two to six percent of their body weight during exercise sessions. Your body uses water to get rid of waste, transport nutrients and oxygen, and control your body temperature.

You’ve probably heard this before, but water makes up most of your blood and body. Thus, it is critical to stay hydrated. Otherwise, you and your dehydrated body will have cramps, feel dizzy, become exhausted, and experience heat stroke.

Sports Drinks vs. Water

Clean, filtered water is the ideal drink if you want to hydrate before, during, and after workouts. Sports drinks, however, do have its benefits. While the former works better in replacing fluid, sports drinks are much more pleasant to your taste buds. This means that people who like its taste may actually drink more of it compared to water, which leads to better hydration.

Moreover, sports drinks have carbohydrates and electrolytes. While people who exercise for only a few minutes barely need electrolyte replacement, those who exercise for an hour or more can benefit from it. On the other hand, carbohydrates provide your body the energy it needs. Whenever you burn calories, you will need these carbohydrates to restore the energy lost.

Choosing whether to drink water or sports drinks will highly depend on an individual. If you tend to exercise longer and prefer the taste of sports drinks, then it will serve you better.