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Are you a start-up or a small business? If you’re one of these, then you’re going to need all the need you can get to lure customers into your shop or restaurant. Web and foot traffic go hand in hand when you run an establishment, which is why you need exposure and one way you can get both is through improving your visibility on Google Maps.

Your local SEO plans usually work on your visibility, but just how important is Google Maps to this?

How Local Businesses Use Google Maps to Thrive in the Market

In an article from The Observer states that around 84% of consumers search for local businesses on their mobile devices and around a third of it pertains to its location. Still, this number is growing, as the local search on mobile devices is increasing 50% quicker than general mobile search.

This phenomenon goes to show that Google Maps is, in a way, overtaking the Google Search app because when you look for the location of a particular place, for example, the search engine pulls out the map and a result page.

How You Can Stay Relevant on Google Maps

One way you can boost your visibility is through frequently posting on various social media platforms. Make sure that your profile is location-specific, which is a feature spread across multiple social networking sites. Once you post a photo or a comment regarding a special offer or a new product, this piques the interest of old and new customers, which promotes conversions.

While brand reputation is great for brands with multiple locations, as it boosts search ranking as a whole, it may not be as helpful for local SEO. If this is the case, make sure that the content you roll out mentions a particular location or a distinguishing feature.

When you’re a small business, especially a start-up, one way you can make your presence known is through SEO – both general and local. Ignoring local SEO efforts can take a toll on your business, as customers won’t even know you’re in the area.