A group of students studyingExperts who study abnormal learn about the behavioural, cognitive and emotional issues of people. They define this as a behaviour that usually leads to distorted thoughts or cognitions, maladaptive or self-defeating, distressing and disturbing or socially unacceptable. A lot of viewpoints, including approaches and models obtained from data, as well as, theories try to clarify the causes of abnormal behaviour. Learn about them to prepare yourself for your part time degree in Singapore.

The Medical Viewpoint

Experts who believe in the medical viewpoint concentrate typically on the physiological and biological elements as the reason for abnormal behaviour. They treat it as a mental illness or disease, diagnose it using symptoms and cure it with treatment. Instead of psychological analysis, they would rather use drugs and hospital admission as treatment.

The Psychodynamic Viewpoint

The psychodynamic perspective first planned this as an alternative to the medical model, which developed from the Freudian psychoanalytic theory. It believes that psychological conditions are the result of anxiety brought by unresolved conflicts. For the treatment, they try to focus on identifying and resolving conflicts.

The Behavioural Viewpoint

Those who embrace the behavioural viewpoint usually argue that abnormal behaviour is the consequence of ineffective or faulty conditioning and learning. They designed their treatments to educate more adaptive and appropriate responses, use traditional learning processes and redesign disordered behaviour. For instance, when a father abuses his child, they will defend that he learned the abusive behaviour from his father and that he needs to learn more fitting parenting strategies.

The Cognitive Viewpoint

Based on the cognitive viewpoint, individuals who participate in abnormal behaviour have certain behaviours and thoughts, which they mostly base on false assumptions. Their treatments include helping them form new values and processes. Meanwhile, their therapy tries to replace and unlearn the maladaptive customs with more useful ideas.

Each viewpoint has different beliefs on the causes of abnormal behaviour. They also have their own treatments and therapies on how to cure them.