Child Safety Every parent desires to build a perfect home for the children: safe, comfortable, and, most of all, safe. Is that your house too? Are you nodding? Hold on for a minute.

Here are some things in your home that may be putting your children’s health at risk:

1. Molds

These fungi don’t just thrive on bread. They can be found anywhere, even right inside your home. Unfortunately, more than 30 percent of the children are allergic to them.

There’s a way to defeat the molds, and one of these is to get rid of dampness. Fix your broken water pipes and keep your bathrooms and kitchens well ventilated. Of course, it pays to clean your home regularly.

2. Poor Quality of Water

The Flint Michigan water crisis was one of the worst of its kind in modern history. Children were found to have dangerously high levels of lead in their blood. Lead poisoning can result in stunted growth and brain damage among the kids.

Bad-quality water is easy to spot: it has a different color, taste, and smell. But these markers are not present all the time. To ensure you give your kids only the best, get residential water treatment equipment with the help of Ashton Tucker Water Treatment. Have your water tested periodically by professionals too.

3. Pet Dander

Another potential source of childhood allergies is pet dander, which are microscopic flecks of skin from animals like dogs and cats. This skin can contain proteins from the animal saliva when they lick their fur. It’s these proteins that can cause allergic reactions, especially among children.

On the bright side, some studies have shown early exposure to these furbabies may help reduce the risk of allergies later on.

As parents, you can only do so much to guarantee the safety of your kids when they’re outdoors. Inside, though, it’s a must. Create the safest environment by paying more attention to these three threats.