Home Glass Type in AucklandThese days, many homeowners are adding more glass to their homes. Glass is not limited to just windows anymore. Many modern homes use glass in doors, dividers, terraces and even pool fences. Glass is a versatile material, but there are factors you need to consider when choosing the right glass type for your home.

Property Location

Location is one of the most important deciding factors when choosing glass for your homes. If your area experiences long, colder winters, ordinary glass is not suitable. For better insulation, you need a low emissivity (Low-E) glass, the type that improves your home’s energy efficiency. Double-glazed glass also does the job, but with added noise-reducing capabilities.

Window Orientation

Your window placement is another important factor to consider. For instance, the amount of sunlight glass windows receive across the seasons will help you determine the right type you need. Moreover, the right type of glass will provide you with not just improve energy efficiency, but also noise reduction and privacy.


For people who live in the highly urbanised areas, glass types with noise-reducing properties are important. There are types that allow natural light to seep through, but still provide that privacy and energy-saving properties that you require. Fire-resistant glass is also a must for people who live in areas prone to bushfires.


Not all companies have the right type of glass you need so it is vital you choose to work with a reputable glass firm. An efficient firm should be able to provide excellent products, prices and expertise as well as emergency glass services and support.

Glass has the power to transform your homes. But you need to know the right type in order to make your investments count. Understanding how glass affects your home and lifestyle will better help you make informed decisions.