Round TrampolineChoosing to buy a trampoline is a great decision because of the benefits it provides. Not only is it great for overall health, it also brings out the inner child in all of us. But when it comes to actually buying one, you’d have to decide whether you should go with a rectangular or a round trampoline.

The first trampolines had a rectangular shape. As its designs progressed, the round shaped types became available in the market and eventually surpassed its predecessor in sales. Regardless of popularity, both have their own purpose.

Rectangular Trampolines

For a serious bounce, rebound, or air time, choose rectangular trampolines. Its shape gives the right placement for the springs to absorb and recoil to give you more lift in the air. For that reason, says this shape is ideal for gymnasts, aerialists, and acrobats.

Because of the force that rectangular trampolines exert and receive from the jumps, their structure needs to be sturdier, which translates to having more and heavier materials. With more materials needed for their build, they are usually more costly and occupy more space.

Round Trampolines

The placement of the springs in round trampolines distributes the force in all directions, which makes the jump lower or the air time shorter. Though this might not be good for those who want to improve performance in their given sport or hobby, a lower bounce is great for people who just want to have a safer kind of fun.

Lower rebounds decrease the force from the possible hazards of landing incorrectly, making it safer for those who use it. With less force exerted and fewer materials needed to manufacture it, round trampolines are more affordable. They also take less space.

Deciding to purchase a trampoline is an investment that offers returns in smiles and good health. Choosing is as easy as determining its intended purpose, the space available, and your budget.