Roofing in Salt Lake CityWhen it comes to getting a new roof in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, or any city, choosing the right color is important. Roofing is such an important architectural feature that defines your home’s curb appeal. Make the wrong choice, expect your thousands of dollars go down the drain.

Along with the style, texture, cut, the color would make or break your roof’s overall appeal. How do you know you chose the right hue out of a million? Here's how:

When the Roof Catches Your Attention

Driving around your neighborhood, and check the roof of other houses. Some would arrest your eye for admiration, but others would catch your attention for the wrong reason. If you feel the roof doesn’t feel right, then the color is most likely to blame.

Wesley Green Roofing and home improvement experts say that the right shade should reflect the personality of your house. Each home style has a unique identity, thus commands a particular palette to bring out its rightful character. This is why mellow hues suit cottage-style homes, while Tudor houses never fail with rustic tinges.

When the Roof Complements, Not Matches

Using the shade of your siding for your roof is a cardinal sin. Exactly similar hues render your home drab and lifeless. Unless monotone is what you really have in mind, steer clear from this direction. Your roofing color should serve as the last piece of your exterior design — it should bring it to perfection. To achieve this, use complementary colors.

When the Roof Neutralizes

In line with the statement above, the appearance of your roof shouldn’t be identical with the rest of the house. If the color or pattern of your siding is already busy, the shade of your roofing should tone it down. A home with a roof design strictly akin to other areas is an eyesore.

Put a serious thought on your roof color or else it could be a disaster. Better yet, consult with professional painters to guide you with your decision.