Online Marketing in Las VegasWant a new way to drive more traffic to your site? Plant a tree — or just help out with other charities.

Apart from increased site visits, volunteering with local groups or fundraisers can also grow your Facebook page likes and boost your rankings. It’s also the key towards that 5-star business review you’ve always wanted.

Any savvy marketing expert or SEO pro will tell you the same thing: involving yourself with community activity works like magic for your company’s online presence.

Two Birds with One Stone

When you extend a helping hand, you’re not just supporting a good cause, you’re also building your brand. Whether it’s investing in health initiatives or participating in hunger relief campaigns, your efforts will go a long way in improving brand reputation. also considers it as another way to create good business value.

Tying up with social involvements is good PR for your company. Customers are most likely to trust your brand because they see that you care. It also puts you in the best position to grow your online presence.

Online Presence for a Cause

Investing in local search is crucial. Google reports that local search results in 50 percent of mobile users visiting stores within a day. But if you want to boost your local presence, looking for ways to reach out to the local community is worth your time.

It doesn’t matter if you run a multi-location enterprise or hardcore construction business; it pays to get involved with locally relevant campaigns and events. While stopping forest destruction or saving endangered animals is admirable, it’s wiser to stick with causes that resonate with the local community.

Combine Involvement with Customers

Getting involved in community projects results in a growing online presence, which generates unique marketing opportunities for your business — especially if you tie it with customer experience.

If you’re helping for a good cause, let the community know. For example, write blog posts or updates on your website that detail the entire ordeal and how your customers can help. You can also set up a landing page designed for users interested in learning more about your community work.

Getting involved in the community means sparing some time and money to extend some help. Do it right and your organization will reap the benefits of an improved online responsibility.