Monthly Archive:: March 2016

Love of Writing: Campus Publications Enrich Student Culture

Campus publications serve to train students and expose them to the various fields of research, publishing and journalism wherein they can practise the virtues of truth and fairness. Gaining experience in a campus publication such as a newspaper or magazine, either in print or digital media, supplements a student with additional skills other than the […]

Want To Protect Your Farm An Livestock: Install Strong Gates

Gates and fences are important not only to protect the livestock in your farm from escaping but also from outside elements. Not only predatory animals, farm gates act as deterrents for pilferers and thieves. The farm gates can be wired with an alarm system, which will go off the moment one tries to enter the […]

Planning for Success: Things to Remember When Organizing an Event

Organizing a memorable and successful party or celebration is not an easy task to do. However, with proper planning and decision making, you can certainly nail it down. You can take note of these tips to avoid the stress and hassle that usually come with organizing an event. Identify Your Event Before you make any […]

Good Tutor, Bad Grades: What’s a Parent to Do?

Everything seems to be going well. Your child loves his tutor and the sessions fly by. He looks forward to learning more with his mentor and you can’t help but expect the best. But when the scores come back, second thoughts come to mind. As a parent, getting to the bottom of your child’s academic […]

Home Ownership: What it can Really Mean For You

When it comes to home ownership, a lot of people, especially renters, usually do not give it a second thought. One of the things they worry about – and their greatest restriction – is the expense that accompanies buying a home. But with the real estate market having improved over the years, there is no […]