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Why Successful People Give the Best Motivation

Many people often look up to successful business owners to become enlightened, to become a better person, to focus on the beautiful things in life, and be encouraged to dream big and pursue their goals. Each of us has our own motivational phrases that we hold on to whenever we need something that will encourage […]

Building Services (Registration) Act 2011: What’s In It for Painters and Their Clients

Looking for reliable and excellent roof painting contractors in Perth can be a bit tricky. Many will propose to do the job for a high rate, only to end up with disappointing results. The government found a way to ensure clients get their money’s value. The Building Service (Registration) Act of 2011, or simply called […]

The Effects of Dental Implant Care Negligence

With 10, 000 implant procedures done every year in the UK, it is safe to assume that the majority of Brits knows the effects, benefits and purpose of dental implants. As natural as these implants may feel, they require further care similar to the natural teeth. Unfortunately, most people who do get implants neglect the […]

Company Culture: The Influence of the Leader

There are two types of leaders; one is the fat-cat wearing a snazzy suit looking to maximize profits at the expense of employee’s well-being. The other, a down-to-earth CEO who still improves the bottom line, but creates an excellent workplace and looks out for people under them. Poor leadership has different faces, but they all […]

What’s Causing Degradation and Pollution to Your Attic Insulation?

Any household deserves a good insulation in their attic. It’s there for the purpose of keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s especially useful in Florida, where the spike in temperature can be absurd. Unfortunately, your attic can be a breeding ground for pests and a victim to water […]

Know What to Say When Your Children Want Instant Weight Loss Fixes

Your adult children come to you with some news: they’ll lose weight. Your thrill lasts only until they add that the process would be fast, especially because they have a quick fix solution ready. Before they pursue that solution, sit down with them and explain why weight loss that happens ‘quickly’ easily translates to ‘risky’. […]

Is Job Security a Problem for Physicians?

The public has long thought of medicine as one of the highest paying and most stable fields. But is this notion accurate? When you invest the considerable time, effort, and money required to become a doctor, job security is obviously going to be an important factor. Any hospital or practice is only as good as […]

Venous Obstruction: The Clot that Claims Lives

A simple blood clot can claim your life. This happened with Jerome Kersey, an NBA player. He had a surgery early this year, and days after, clot travelled from his left calf to his lungs, triggering a pulmonary thromboembolism that eventually took his life. The same thing happened with 16-year-old Shannon Deakin. She felt pain […]

Planning Ahead for Funeral Services

Although it may be uncomfortable to talk about death, it is important to think about what type of funeral service to choose. Other than knowing the options, it is important to consider whether your family could handle the financial demands of a funeral. For example, would you rather choose burial or cremation? Where would the […]

Latest Hairstyles for the Well-Groomed Man

Just as you are keen in keeping up with fashion trends and updating your wardrobe, it is fitting to take the same approach when it comes to hairstyles. Although seemingly simple, a man’s haircut can either ‘make the cut’ or ruin an entire look. A well-groomed British man understands this very well and keeps up […]