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Fighting for Child Custody: Things to Keep in Mind

A married couple with children and they file for divorce, they have joint guardianship over their children. This means that each parent has equal custody rights once they separate. Each state in the US has a different take on child custody law, though. The court strives to reach a decision that is best for the […]

Training Your Brain to Work Faster and More Effectively

An athlete will spend hours on the track and in the gym to get his or her body in shape. Whether you’re a professional boxer or wrestler, training your body is the surest way to making it work better. This is also the case for the brain. Brain exercise should start in infancy and go […]

Cremation: What Should I do with the Ashes?

The death of a loved one is painful, but you eventually need to decide what to do with their remains. Many Australians are choosing cremation over burial for different reasons. Regardless of the method, however, it all goes down to what they should do afterwards. Many funeral and memorial businesses today have their own crematoriums […]

Love and Psychology – Intertwined Fields of Science and Human Emotion

In matters of love and sexuality, most people think of it as easy. All they have to do is to find or meet someone who’s the right fit, physically and mentally. Fortunately for some, they fall for the right one, go through normal experiences and live happily until the end or until the relationship run […]

Better Trucks, Bigger Savings: How DEF Affects Fuel Economy

Much of the initial debate surrounding diesel exhaust fluid has died down, as trucks equipped with selective catalytic reduction have performed excellently over the past few years. Even as it removed hazardous emissions to protect the environment, DEF also managed to disprove concerns regarding its toxicity, availability, and so on. Its addition to trucks has […]

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running: AC Maintenance Why’s

Your car needs regular tune-ups, oil change, and car wash. Failure to perform any of these routines will make your car bound to stall and deteriorate. That once expensive car would be as useless as junk. Air conditioners are pretty much like cars, suggests You may not notice that they need regular maintenance, but […]

The Law According to Perth

You have probably thought about doing any painting needed for the house yourself. After all, how hard can it be? Well, slapping on paint with a paintbrush is not hard, but you cannot be sure you are doing it right. Much of the work that a painter does is in surface preparation, and that takes […]

Garden Care: Maintaining Your Piece of Heaven on Earth

Home sceneries are beautiful locations for events such as parties, gatherings, or just simple family bonding moments. It is where the masters of the house – the husband and the wife – can relax after a stressful day. The kids can play here on a weekend afternoon, or sit tight and study during weekday nights. […]

Sleep In a Snap: A Night Time To-Do List

Some people can do it in a snap, but most find it difficult and frustrating. We’re talking about falling asleep at night. If you are one of the latter than the former, then we have a few simple tips for you. It’s not enough to shop for new bedding or comfy mattresses from online sellers, […]

Want to Give Your Home a Rustic Makeover? Try These Ideas

With the evolving modern home ideas, there’s no wonder why most people would turn their safe havens to minimalist decorations and forward-looking design of furniture. But, for some people—particularly those who want to give their homes a look of nature—giving their house a more rustic, traditional or country look is enough to make them feel […]