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Bounce Back from Stressful Times with These Tips

Regardless of the source – events, activities, or even people – stress can cripple your soul, kill your mind, and prevent you from functioning at peak efficiency. It is important to know, however, that there is a way out. You can fight back and get rid of stress. All you need to do is to […]

Golden Eggs: 4 Investment Options for Your New Year’s Resolution

2015 is here, and many Australians are looking forward to ticking off the items on their list of resolutions for the new year. Some are about health, while others focus on their careers. If you are among the many taking things slow and have yet to finalise your list, you might want to the addition […]

Choosing the Right Kind of Timber: The Janka Hardness Rating System

Ask any builder or homeowner in Sydney, and they’ll tell you that timber tops many people’s lists when it comes to flooring materials. Apart from its naturally attractive appearance, timber is long-lasting, water-resistant, easy to clean, durable, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Timber hardness is measured via the Janka Hardness system, which increases depending on hardness. Different […]

5 Things That Frustrate Online Shoppers

Does your online store have a few frustrating quirks that affect your sales? The world of eCommerce is brutally competitive, so the last thing you want is to annoy the customers that you already have. Have a look at this list, and see whether it gives you any ideas for improvement. 1. Complicated check outs […]

That Mysterious Jaw Pain: The Common Misconceptions about TMJ Disorder

Do you wake up every morning with a pounding headache? Or, does your jaw click or lock, and the pain keeps you up at night? The facial pain and discomfort you experience every day might be a sign of something serious. Many people who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder don’t fully understand it, and […]

Forget Weight Loss “Secrets” — Have Some Weight Loss Facts!

Ask just about any person on the street for a list of goals in life, and there’s a good chance that most of them will say that they want to lose weight. Weight loss is a perpetually challenging endeavor, no matter where you are. Every year, people from Singapore, the United States, Australia – pretty […]