Freerider SkiingEvery sport has particular jargons and special terms that can be confusing, particularly for those who don’t know much about it. Skiing, for example, has its own language, which only enthusiasts, avid fans, and dedicated readers might understand. Having a deep understanding of the terms used in this type of winter sport is important for beginners.

Learn the basics of skiing and the terms skiers use at the park or slope. This is necessary to expand your vocabulary and gain better understanding of the sport.

Here is a simple guide to help you learn and master the language of skiing:

 Don’t be a gaper

Gapers are skiers who don’t know much or are clueless about the slopes. You can see them wearing starter jackets, jeans, and brightly colored clothes. Another thing that distinguishes gapers from other skiers is their gaper gap, which refers to the gap between their helmets and goggles. Now that you know what a gaper is, you know what not to wear, what to do, and how to gear up. Another tip: don’t let your poles stick straight up towards the sky, otherwise, you’ll be one of those gapers.

 Try to avoid the yard sale

When a skier crashes and loses their prized skis, poles, gloves, and outerwear, you call it a yard sale. While this can happen even to professional skiers, you can reduce your chances of avoiding losing your  k2 press skis if you train hard.

 Go gnar shredding

To shred the gnar means to ride the slope so well that others will think you’re an awesome skier. It takes a lot of work and practice to become better at skiing, whether at the park or on the mountain. Ride the snow as many times as possible to improve your skills and learn some tricks.

Understanding the vocabulary that makes skiing a different type of sport is a must for beginners. These are just some of the many terms or phrases you can learn when you spend time with other skiers.