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Your Aging Parents, Their Health, and You: 3 Changes to Watch Out For

Everyone changes. Think about it; you are not the same person you were two years ago. You are different from who you were a decade ago. You probably have those moments when you want to turn back the clock and get back to when you were healthier and fitter. With elderly parents, however, the situation […]

How to Camp Out with Trailer with No Worries

Camping is one of the loveliest bonding activities for the family. It drags each member away from distractions and it provides a new view and experience. It is better when done with a caravan or an RV. For those who wants to retain that indoor feel even out in the woods, bringing a trailer to […]

Can You Really Get Mercury Poisoning from Your Dentist?

Many people visiting their dentists used to be concerned about getting mercury poisoning from dental fillings. So far, research has shown that the mercury in dental fillings doesn’t do anyone harm. But, it’s still possible to get mercury poisoning from these fillings — if your dentist isn’t careful. You may be surprised to find out […]

Children and the Bottle: How Kids can Cope with Alcoholism in the Family

Many in the counseling profession refer to alcoholism as a family disease. This is due to the fact that it affects not one individual’s life, but the lives of an entire family. One in every five children in America experiences growing up with an alcoholic relative. Don’t let your kids be that one in every […]

The Language of Skiing: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Every sport has particular jargons and special terms that can be confusing, particularly for those who don’t know much about it. Skiing, for example, has its own language, which only enthusiasts, avid fans, and dedicated readers might understand. Having a deep understanding of the terms used in this type of winter sport is important for […]

Making Parking Lots Safer

In December 2014, a violent parking lot attack in West Denver was caught on surveillance cameras. The attack happened at about 2 a.m. and left three victims injured and traumatized. This is just one of a string of unrelated attacks in Denver parking lots last year, which left many wondering, are parking lots still safe? […]

Prevent Legionella Contamination in Your Water System

Legionella is a bacteria species that can cause a fatal form of pneumonia called Legionnaire’s disease. Man-made water systems provide the perfect conditions for this bacteria to multiply. This is mainly because of the presence of nutrients and instances of stagnation. If you’re an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure water systems in your […]

Brand Makeover: When is the Right Time to Rebrand?

There is always that period in the life of a business when the allure and charm will seem to have worn off its branding. It is at this point when managers huddle and decide if rebranding is the wisest move. Rebranding is an exciting endeavour, which would give you an opportunity to change the direction […]

Beating the Rush: 6 Tips to Survive Rush Removals

In a perfect world, everything goes smoothly and all the best laid plans come into fruition. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Plans go awry most of the time, and sometimes we need to make drastic adjustments. This includes moving from home to home in some cases. There are times when you need […]

Adding to the Digital Noise: Avoiding Social Media Marketing Over-Saturation

Social media continues to redefine digital marketing and is constantly proving itself as a major platform for such. With users becoming more active on various social networking sites, companies are making the most of the opportunities. It is easy to create a buzz around your new product simply by posting details about it on social […]