seo servicesWith the significant changes in the digital landscape and the constant algorithm updates from Google, search marketers have gone to great lengths in determining what’s relevant and what isn’t. In their efforts to provide the industry with a complete walk-through, SEO experts focus on ranking factors that can help with the dynamics of today’s search landscape.

Here are some of the ranking factors that you should be focusing on for your white label SEO reseller program:

User Engagement

As Google Hummingbird takes flight, search has become less about keywords. Google takes a semantic approach to provide results, while focusing on user engagement and giving more value on relevant content topics. Search in itself has become more intuitive and human-like to promote user experience.

In-Depth Content

In this new stage of content marketing, everything you write is all about what search users want to see. Short, generic articles simply don’t cut it; your articles should be longer and meatier. Your content should explore a broad subject or address a particular theme that will prompt a response from search users.

Social Signals

When it comes to widening your target market and developing your client’s brand, nothing else comes close to the online chatter on social media. The number of likes, shares, +1s, tweets, and followers can translate into signals, which, if targeted properly, can boost brand awareness among search users.

Ranking factors haven’t really changed much. The search dynamics is more about how you apply these ranking factors to your strategy while keeping up with the updates and staying within the good graces of Google.