fashionable purseEvery purse makes a statement. You don’t just buy fashion handbags for usability. Buying the right bag to add to the wardrobe is just as crucial as picking shoes and accessories to compliment the day’s look. When there are literally millions to choose from, deciding on a purchase becomes impossible — or is it?

Beyond the Basics

A shopper’s first instinct is to buy handbags in neutral colors in a size that can fit the essentials without being too bulky. While practical, such bags may do more harm than good when it comes to making an impression. Shoppers shouldn’t be afraid to mix it up by purchasing a bold item. Something in a bright color or an interesting texture can liven up any monochromatic corporate attire.

Shades of Metal

When looking for a purse that can match any outfit, it’s okay to skip boring black and brown. Purses that come in metallic colors go well with everything. These, along with skins and shades of white are fresher alternatives to the usual universal handbag. Gold, silver, or bronze colors even add an upscale element to an otherwise casual outfit.

Size Matters

Cramming many things inside a small purse only creates unsightly bulks, not to mention ruins the items inside. Bigger handbags are a better option, giving the user a neater appearance. Better to have too much space than not enough. Proportion is another key element in choosing handbags. Petite people should stick to small and medium bags, while tall and broad shoppers should avoid small purses.

According to Use

It’s a common mistake to buy handbags that go with everything and every occasion. Investing in a high-end purse to use for special events will preserve the quality of the bag. Monetary value only reflects durability if the bag is used properly. When shopping according to use, the bag’s material should be the first consideration.

A bag carries more than just things; it carries and ties together a person’s look. There is such a purse that comes in the right size, gives a bold statement, and goes with everything in your wardrobe. Devoting enough time to find the perfect handbag online or in a boutique can lead to an item you will keep for years.