Monthly Archive:: February 2014

Investments: What to Consider in Tourism Properties

The boom of the travel industry across many countries has sparked the interest of potential resort and hotel owners. But as with any investment, you shouldn’t rush immediately when it comes to tourism properties. There are certain factors you have to consider before acquiring management rights for sale in the Gold Coast or buying a […]

Jason Collins Plays First NBA Game In 10 Months

It’s been 10 months since Jason Collins came out of the closet via a Sports Illustrated interview, and was returned to the league on February 23 via a 10-day contract from the Brooklyn Nets. A Victorious Comeback Collins made his first appearance of the season in the second quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers. Collins […]

The Beginning of Design: Managing the Site

The secret to creating the best city, office, living room, or paper-mache diorama is having a plan of exactly how it should look like before even settings its foundations. It’s not just a matter of knowing where things go, but it also serves as buffer time to correct any mistakes, make small improvements, or do […]

Vintage Fashion: Taking Over the Streets of Japan

Known as a fashion-forward nation, Japan surprises the world as it takes street fashion back to the 80s and 90s. In Tokyo, it’s common to see kids and young adults wearing spiked leather jackets, knitted tops, fishnet stockings, and knee-high boots. You don’t need to travel to Shibuya or Harajuku to stay on top of […]

Cost-Effective Outdoor Advertising for Your Business

Businesses need constant exposure, so marketing and advertising are a significant part of operations and take up a sizable amount of the budget. People aren’t always in front of the television, listening to the radio, or reading newspapers, though. They go to school, work, or meet with friends, so you can’t always reach them through […]

Hong Kong Disneyland: Mainland Tourists Drive Profit

The Hong Kong Disneyland theme park still remains a major hit among mainland Chinese, as it reported a record profit boosted by an increasing number of tourists. Hotel expansion As visitors surge, park officials plan to build its third and largest hotel by early 2017 to accommodate the arrival of tourists. “Asia is experiencing strong […]

Bad Credit: Does Repayment Significantly Help Your Credit Score?

It’s important to know about your options before finding auto financing for those with poor credit. Bad credit affects your credit score, which will make it difficult for you to get other types of loan. This is why many people wonder what will happen if they’ve cleared off their debt from this type of credit. […]

The Link between Hearing Loss and Brain Shrinkage

According to a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Center on Aging and Health, the shrinking of the brain starts to worsen when hearing loss takes place, especially in older adults. It could increase the risk of physical and mental health conditions like dementia. Many experts advice to consult with hearing aid companies, so patients […]

Activists Coordinate Global Live, Online Protest Against Gov’t Surveillance

A myriad websites opposed online government surveillance on Tuesday, February 11, by posting messages across different portals, planning live protests in cities around the world. ‘Today we must fight back’ Major websites such as Firefox makers Mozilla, blogging site Tumblr, and social news site Reddit joined the mass action. Majority of the protest’s calls are […]

Michael Laudrup Seeks Legal Advice Over Harsh Swansea City Sacking

Former Swansea City manager is considering legal action over his harsh sacking by Swansea City. The Dane was relieved of his duties after a string of dismal results in all competitions. Seeking for Reasons Laudrup is most remembered for the Swans’ League Cup success last year. But there is no hint of any celebratory remarks […]