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‘I Love Lucy’ Helps CBS Win Weekly Ratings

According to ratings that were released on Tuesday, almost 60 years after its launch, a Christmas special episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ earned the honor of being the most-watched holiday program last week. This special episode of the famous 1950s Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz sitcom had a gimmick contained within it-it was colorized and aired as […]

Rubber Head for the Garden Shed

Sheds and outbuildings are detached from the main home structure, and don’t necessarily need to comply with building regulations. But, since important tools and items are stored there, you might want to make sure that it receives roughly the same amount of protection from the elements as your house does. The choice of materials for […]

Taylor Swift, 10,000 Carolers Grant Dying Girl’s Christmas Wish

For Taylor Swift, Christmas is more than just gifts, wreaths, and mistletoes.  The country superstar lived up to these song lyrics of hers when she, along with 10,000 carolers, made a dying girl’s Christmas wish come true. A Christmas Miracle Eight year old Laney Brown will never see Christmas again, as her doctors say leukemia […]

Indian Housekeeper Did Not Attempt To Extort Money

The Indian maid worked from dawn till very late at night, she worked seven days a week and took care of the two kids of a diplomat.  She did all these for less than $3 dollars an hour.  Unable to get a better deal, she made sure first that the kids were cared for and […]

Let’s Bounce: How the Face-Value of Bounce Rates can Deceive You

First things first; what’s a bounce rate? It’s not how fast you can hop on a pogo-stick or a trampoline, it’s a traffic analysis statistic that measures the number of users that view a page, and then leave. It’s a complicated stat that’s supposed to help you measure the effectiveness of your web design, but […]

Going Medieval: Authentic Replica Leather Armors from the Middle Ages

Travelling back in time and spending a day in the medieval period—whether it’s a trade show, a convention, or just a costume party—is always a great experience. The medieval period, or the Middle Ages, is best known for its knights, kings, armors, and battles. Personalities like King Arthur, King Lear, and knights in shining armors […]

Understanding the Benefits of Slimline Water Tanks

In countries like Australia where water is a precious commodity, rainfall is too valuable to waste. Rainwater is a free and natural source of water. It’s safe to use, but it greatly depends on using the right methods before you collect a good, clean supply. Slimline rainwater tanks, for one, can help collect rainwater from […]

Man’s Hand Attached To Ankle

A Chinese man met an accident at work that left his right hand badly damaged. More than a month following the accident, his severed right hand was grafted to his ankle. Hand reattachment Xia Wei had an industrial accident at work on November that severed his right hand. His co-workers retrieved his hand and sent […]

Vacation On The Rocks

The Rocks in Sydney got its name from the local sandstone harvested in the area; the material used to construct the original buildings of the city. Once a city condemned to multiple demolition plans throughout the 20th century, The Rocks is now a tourist hub in Sydney’s city centre that shows a lot of what […]

A Sports Fishing Paradise in the Pacific

Samoa is one of the top fishing spots across the Pacific. Located at the heart of Polynesia, the archipelago is renowned for its pristine sandy beaches, friendly people, and diverse aquatic animals. It’s the favourite fly fishing holiday destination of many Australians due to its close proximity to the Land Down Under and relaxing environment. […]