learning about psychotherapyPsychotherapy is a broad term that refers to all therapeutic treatment between the psychotherapist in Sydney or elsewhere and a patient or a group. This can help many cases of psychological problems, the most common of which is depression. This, however, isn’t just any set of therapies set to solve a problem. There are different schools and approaches in psychotherapy.


Sigmund Freud made his name in psychoanalysis. This is one of the first schools in the field that existed. Its approach divides the mind into three parts: id, ego, and superego. Therapists look at the influences of the unconscious mind in the thoughts and behaviours of the patient. Childhood experiences and other events are part of the factors that specialists look into under this paradigm. Patients have to talk about what happened in their lives, especially during childhood.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT believes that thoughts and feelings influence a person’s behaviour. Therapists aim to make the patient understand that not all things in the world fall under their control. Another thing they try to achieve is to change how patients view and interpret these uncontrollable factors. CBT treatments attempt to change a person’s behaviour by changing their view of the world. It usually starts with an analysis of the thoughts that seem problematic for the patient. Therapists follow this by highlighting the actions that contribute to the problem.

Art Therapy

Some therapists believe that art helps in improving mental health. As it is a highly expressive medium, art is also an approach to psychotherapy. Art therapy can be used in cases of learning disabilities, severe stress, and helping cope after a traumatic event. This includes painting, sketching, sculpting, and other forms of art to express the patient’s self.

Behavioural Therapy

Contrary to psychoanalysis, behavioural therapy focuses on the actions of the patient rather than insight. It’s based on classical and operant conditioning. The goal of this therapy is to remove unwanted actions that the patient does. This type of therapy is highly focused on the patient to correct the actions. Some therapies from classical conditioning include flooding and systematic desensitisation. Operant conditioning has influenced behavioural therapists in the practice of token economies and modelling.

Some conditions call for professional help. This is where psychotherapists come in. The treatment, however, may be conducted in different ways. This is why it’s important to know these approaches or consult an experienced professional before dealing with psychological conditions.