They welcome us with a smile and offer help with our baggage. They’re also known for saying: “Please take a moment, look around, and find the nearest exit.” But these are just the basics.

Here are some flight attendant secrets you might not know:

They Get Paid for “Flight Hours Only”

flight hoursFlight attendants (FAs) aren’t being paid if the plane door is open. The pre-time flight where they help passengers put bags into overhead bins doesn’t show up in their paychecks. They get paid when the aircraft takes off. Flight delays and cancellations affect them as much as they do passengers.

Diet Coke is Their Foe

Diet Coke takes the most time to pour, of all the drinks FAs serve. Its fizz takes a long time to settle at 35, 000 feet. To pour a single cup, they can serve three passengers a different drink.

Seniority Means Shorter Skirts

Flight attendants’ tenure on the job isn’t just determined by the routes they fly and the days they get to take off. Just observe the length of their skirts. They can’t hem the skirt above a certain length until they’re off probation.