preparing for the winterFall is the ideal time to take stock of household areas needing some TLC. With that said, here’s a list of home items and features you’ll feed good cleaning or organizing this autumn:

Cabinet Drawers and Door Fronts

With the splatters cabinets collect each day, these furniture receive their fair share of abuse. If your cabinets have raised decorative panels, they’re sure to collect some dust.

Even though most people tend to overlook dirt and grime on their cabinets, guests are sure to notice. With that said, wipe their fronts down with mild cleansers suitable to their finish. For crevices, use cotton swabs to get all the dirt and grime.

Pet Bedding

If you spent part of the summer outdoors, the evidence will be all over your pet’s bedding. With that said, launder your pet’s bedding before winter arrives. Wash slipcovers and pillows based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To ward off unwelcome bugs from the bedding, use pest repellants with rosemary, lavender, lemon, and cedar oils. These oils serve as natural protection, while offering pleasant aromas.

Cookbooks and Bookshelves

If packed too tight, it will be difficult to get the cookbooks you need from your bookshelves this holiday season. With that said, pare down your cookbook library. Photocopy your favorite recipes, and then add them to designated binders or upload them to convenient devices, such as laptops or tablets.

Donate cookbooks you no longer need to charity, or give them to people building up a collection.

Gutters and Trenches

Have your gutters and trenches cleaned and prepared for winter.

Inspect and clean out your gutters thoroughly. Reattach loose bits and pieces if any. If completely filthy or damaged, hire Portland gutter cleaning and repair services to clean and repair your gutters.

Check your trenches for water runoffs, and make them deeper if necessary.

There are other home items and features that you should clean or organize before winter arrives. To learn about these other items and features, ask friends and relatives for winter home preparation recommendations.