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How Sunrooms Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home

For some homeowners, a plain-looking residential area isn’t enough. They want something that can improve its appearance even better. This is why setting up a four-season sunroom is popular nowadays. It adds value to the entire property, while protecting the patio and decks from the changing of seasons like extreme heat or heavy snow. In […]

Wedding Photography Survival Tips

Wedding photography is fun and fulfilling. Seeing the happy faces of the newlyweds after showing them their wedding pictures is a reward in itself, but there is plenty of pressure too. As a wedding photographer, clients expect you to cover the entire event, turn in excellent photographs, and design professional photo albums. You often only […]

Have a Break, Have a Cup of Espresso

Coffee has been around for many years, and it never fails to keep people awake and alert. Despite many claims that drinking coffee is bad for the health, this popular beverage remains a constant fixture in every most homeowner’s kitchen. Coffee makers and espresso machines are becoming more popular now. Find out why coffee, especially […]

Smart Planning for Your DIY Kitchen Remodelling Project

Of all the areas in the house, the kitchen is often the target of upgrades and renovations. Projects range from simple cupboard repainting, installation of new cooking appliances, to a complete overhaul of the area. Depending on the goal, a kitchen remodelling can be completed to improve the overall look and feel of the room […]

Of Culture and Driving: What Driving Says about a Society’s Culture

For scholars, driving is yet another source of interesting cultural perspectives. You can glean a lot of information about a particular society just by studying its driving etiquette and customs. From quaint traffic rules to vehicle specifications, driving typifies a cultural strand and gives fresh meaning to cultural studies. The Great Equalizer Along with the […]

China Real Estate Prices Surge

Real estate prices have increased in China, leading some analysts to warn the government whether intervention is needed to avoid a possible bubble. Possible real estate bubble Housing prices increased in 66 of 70 Chinese cities in August compared to last month, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. When compared to last year, prices […]

Rays Defeat Red Sox 4-3, Courtesy Myers’ Tiebreaking Double

Thursday night saw the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Boston Red Sox 4-3, thus avoiding a three-game sweep. The victory came as a reliever for the slumping Rays who needed to win badly. And they must thank their rookie, Wil Myers for handing them a win when they needed it so desperately. Myers – The […]

iPhone 5S: A Boon For Gamers

Apple’s newly launched iPhone 5S has hardware upgrades and 64-bit software making the smartphone more responsive and faster.The features have made mobile game developers and gamers excited. Phone games closer to console quality Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller, said the new 64-bit chip has tested up to twice as fast as the iPhone 5’s […]

Clever Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Intruders

The FBI reports that a home burglary takes place every 16 seconds—more than 90% of the time, the homes are empty. The right security measures can dissuade amateur crooks or even expert thieves. Check out some of the simple ways you can make your home safe. Arm Your Home with a Security System Homeowners install […]

App, App, and Away: Mobile App Strategies for Business Owners

Mobile apps are no longer just a marketing option for big businesses. Now, many medium and small-sized business owners are also integrating apps in their overall marketing strategy. They see mobile app development as a way to build customer relationships and increase profit. Not all apps, however, are likely to become a hit and drive […]