asteroidNASA is contemplating restarting a spacecraft that is currently in hibernation that astronauts will board to proceed on their mission to search and explore asteroids. On Wednesday the space agency said that it is planning to revive Wise, the spacecraft in the coming month which will mark the beginning of its new three-year mission to search for rocks in space. The mission is reportedly going to cost $5 million a year.

Wise’s History

Wise was launched in 2009. It was initially used for scanning the vast skies for galaxies, asteroids and other celestial objects. Post conducting this primary mission, the spacecraft was used to survey asteroids and comets. It was ultimately placed in hibernation in 2011.

NASA’s plan behind the Wise revival is to drag an asteroid closer to the Earth’s orbit so that by 2025 when spacewalking astronauts consider visiting Mars they can use the space rock as a stepping stone. Via Wise, the new NASA mission seeks to find asteroids that the astronauts can explore.