YankeesPost his suspension, Alex Rodriguez finds himself at the receiving end of a dual kind of treatment from his team. While on the one hand some of his teammates say that he is their man and they will stand by him at least on-field, the general manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman, , feels that with Alex in the team, it appears as if everyone is in a litigious environment.

Different Reactions

That his teammates are with him was clearly seen during the game at Fenway Park on Sunday night. Center fielder Brett Gardner could not tolerate the fact that Boston pitcher Ryan Dempster had hit Rodriguez with a fastball. Gardner said that the hit had them all ‘fired up’.

However, with Cashman the reaction is totally the opposite. The general manager says that he is not comfortable talking to the one-time Pride of Yankees anymore. It is all about just a bit of formal greeting and nothing more, he commented.