bradley manningFor betraying the US by supplying classified information to the WikiLeaks, a prosecutor told the judge on Monday that army Pfc. Bradley Manning must be given 60 years behind bars. Although the defense attorney of the soldier did not specify the jail term, he said that no punishment should exceed 25 years of prison time. The reason he gave was that some of the classified material leaked by Manning had an expiry date of 25 years.

Defense Attorney Speak

According to Defense Attorney, David Coomb, Manning was just 21 years of age when he joined the military. He thus, had minimum experience both in the military and his life which could have pushed him to think that he could change the way the world views the wars occurring in Afghanistan and Iraq and probably all future wars by leaking the secret files. Coombs added that Manning’s intention in the leaking was pure.

Manning actually faces a 90 year sentence, although Capt. Joe Morrow has asked only for 60.