Monthly Archive:: August 2013

India Lower House Approves Food Bill

India’s Lower House of Parliament has approved a Food Security Bill that would provide subsidized food to two-thirds of their poor population. Decrease poverty and hunger Under the bill, which still needs approval from the Upper House, 800 million poor people would get 5kg of cheap rice each month.It would apply to 75% of Indians […]

Asteroid Search Using Recycled Spacecraft – NASA

NASA is contemplating restarting a spacecraft that is currently in hibernation that astronauts will board to proceed on their mission to search and explore asteroids. On Wednesday the space agency said that it is planning to revive Wise, the spacecraft in the coming month which will mark the beginning of its new three-year mission to […]

NM Poultry Hatchery Might Have Caused Salmonella Outbreak

State health officials announced on Monday that a New Mexico poultry hatchery might have caused a national salmonella outbreak. The hatchery located in the eastern New Mexico sells live baby chickens, ducks and other poultry birds by mail and also supplies them to feed stores. Salmonella Strain found in a Duck Pen According to the […]

Lopez’ ‘Idol’ Deal Imminent

An insider who is familiar with the negotiations going on to bring Jennifer Lopez back on the judge’s panel for the hit reality show ‘American Idol’ said that her return is imminent and will be announced this week. Deal Close to being signed The person on Monday said that the deal is quite close to […]

Yankees & A-Rod – More Foes Than Friends

Post his suspension, Alex Rodriguez finds himself at the receiving end of a dual kind of treatment from his team. While on the one hand some of his teammates say that he is their man and they will stand by him at least on-field, the general manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman, , […]

Now High School Students Can Use LinkedIn

As a part of LinkedIn’s efforts to help steer the careers of the collegiate, the corporation is planning to soon open its online networking service for the high school students. The plan, which is effective from September 12, will have a new minimum age to be able to create an account on LinkedIn, namely 13 […]

Give Manning 60 Years – Prosecutor To Judge

For betraying the US by supplying classified information to the WikiLeaks, a prosecutor told the judge on Monday that army Pfc. Bradley Manning must be given 60 years behind bars. Although the defense attorney of the soldier did not specify the jail term, he said that no punishment should exceed 25 years of prison time. […]

Mubarak Might Be Freed Soon – Egypt Court

According to an Egyptian court ruling on Monday, jailed former president Hosni Mubarak might walk free soon. The move is expected to stoke the violence that is escalating in the Arab nation after Mohammed Morsi, Mubarak’s autocratic successor was ousted. More Unrest in Egypt It is obvious that Morsi’s ouster is still spreading waves of […]